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Acrobat Reader: How to disable “Adobe ID” prompt

Posted by Anton Khitrenovich on November 13, 2014

Adobe ID Sign In PromptFor many years I’m using Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF documents. Recently I started getting an annoying popup prompt for my Adobe ID while opening PDFs. I don’t have one and don’t plan to get one – it is just useless to me at this point.

[ Disclaimer: This worked for me with Adobe Acrobat Reader 11. Now I’m using Reader DC, but I’ve never got Adobe ID login prompt here and I don’t know why. ]

Here is the way to get rid of this prompt:

  1. Open Registry Editor (and be extra careful there!)
  2. Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Workflows” (if you don’t have “Workflows” key, just create one)
  3. Create new “DWORD (32-bit)” Value with name “bEnableAcrobatHS” and value “0”

That’s all – short and simple!

Registry Editor

17 Responses to “Acrobat Reader: How to disable “Adobe ID” prompt”

  1. Chris said

    Thank you so much for this excellent solution!!!

  2. Jack said

    Thank you so much! have a nice day!!!

  3. Tris said

    Will this work for Acrobat DC?

  4. Havoc said

    Didnt work for DC

    • Abubakr said

      Thanks for the solution … Works perfectly for Adobe Acrobat DC … No more annoying pop-up for Sign-Ins.

      just find the correct folder in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\DC\Workflows in “regedit.exe”

      Works like a Charm …

      Thanks once again for the solution

  5. prateek said

    how to solve this problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Please help

  6. Bryan said

    I just tried this with Acrobat DC Standard. It did not work, I still get the prompt to sign in in order to activate/run the program.

  7. randomGuy said

    thx,it really works!

  8. jigger said

    Thank you so much that help a lot

  9. Mike said

    Has anyone tried adding this in a way that will affect all Terminal Server users?

  10. dima from israel said

    Great solution!

    thank you so much for solving this annoying issue for me!

    much appriciated

  11. Toni said

    Yes that fixed it. Just have to follow the correct path. Worked. After 2 years. haha.. Thanks

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