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IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business and WebSEAL Resources

Posted by Anton Khitrenovich on January 15, 2012

After posting another WebSEAL HOWTO recently, I feel it is the right time to post my collection of WebSEAL-related resources and forget about the WebSEAL for a while.

IBM Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) for e-business is positioned by IBM as an end-to-end security solution for e-business, focused on providing robust, policy-based security to a corporate web environment. The web security components of TAMeb are WebSEAL (reverse proxy web server that performs authentication and authorizations; typically used for DMZ external access to backend content servers) and Plug-in for Web Servers (plug-in that secures web servers; typically used for internal access). Read the rest of this entry »

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Gmail App for iOS – Pros and Cons

Posted by Anton Khitrenovich on January 14, 2012

[ This mini-review was originally written in mid-November 2011, when Gmail App for iOS was back to AppStore, and published on Google+. Today Google released an update for Google Sync (ability to easily delete messages instead of archive them – something I was missing in the native email client), so I recalled this text and reposted it here also. ]

I decided to try the new Gmail App over this weekend. Here is a short summary:

1. The Gmail App has Gmail-style threaded view that I really miss in native iOS client. Also, the UI look and feel is synced with the new style of the browser version of Gmail.
2. The Gmail App allows me to do a clear separation between corporate and private mailboxes – work Exchange goes to native client, Gmail – well, to Gmail. For me, it is very convenient to see if it is personal of work-related email before I run to check it out. Also, with this separation I can disable notification sounds on any specific email account (the work one, i my case).
3. Other reviews report that search here is much better. I had no chance to test this on my own today, but native search was sometimes… say, frustrating.

1. The main concern about Gmail App is that it is not fully integrated in all the applications on iOS like the native client – and there is no hope for such integration. Of course, you can compose emails using native address book or browse for picture attachments, but other apps the utilize sharing via default email client (for example, Genius Scan) obviously are out of scope here.
2. It seems that Gmail App is not so fast in getting emails as Gmail account defined in the native client via Google Sync with Push. I have no reliable idea what is the reason for this behavior…
3. There are no modern-style banner notifications in the Gmail App for some reason. Yet, I hope this is something to be added in the future versions.

As you may see, there are both pros and cons of using new Gmail App instead of the native email client, and I’m still not sure if it will survive on my iPhone. But I will test it for few more days…

Update (January 2012): Still using Gmail App. It is definitely slower that native client, but the threaded view and the ability to easily archive, delete and star messages keeps it alive for me.

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Microsoft DirectAccess Resources

Posted by Anton Khitrenovich on January 8, 2012

Microsoft DirectAccess technology provides seamless corporate network connectivity to the clients. Available in Windows 7 Enterprise (client) and Microsoft Server 2008 R2 (server). Implementation mostly relies of mandatory IPsec implementation in IPv6 protocol. For further reading see the list of relevant resources below. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to fix “missing required fields” warnings in Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Posted by Anton Khitrenovich on December 24, 2011

Several days ago I checked what Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool thinks about this WordPress-based blog. The results were not bad in general, but also not good enough for my understanding. While Google was able to detect that I am the owner of the blog and presented a link to my Google+ Profile, and the main page of the blog was correctly detected as a list of blog entries, each one with the permalink, a list of tags and a list of categories – the most important things were missing: the title, the date and the author of the post. The following errors were displayed for each blog entry:

Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

Obviously, I started to check what can be done about that. Read the rest of this entry »

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Citrix Access Gateway: Standard vs Enterprise

Posted by Anton Khitrenovich on August 29, 2011

During the last month I have several “chances” to explain people that Citrix Access Gateway Standard and Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise are absolutely different products, and the same is true about their virtual editions (aka VPX). I feel  that it is the time to write it down once and share the link from now on…

There are two Citrix products named Access Gateway – Citrix Access Gateway Standard/Advanced Edition (aka CAG) and Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (aka AGEE). Both share similar feature set, hence the common name, but those are different products. CAG is original Citrix product, with latest versions 4.6 and 5.0 (at the moment of writing). After Citrix acquired NetScaler in 2005, they implemented CAG functionality on the NetScaler appliance and named it “Enterprise Edition”. That’s why AGEE versions go after NetScaler version numbers – it is the same appliance, with latest version 9.3 (again, at the moment of writing).

And what is VPX? Access Gateway VPX is a virtual edition of CAG. NetScaler VPX is a virtual edition of NetScaler (that is – AGEE).

UPD (Sep 1): You can read more about the history of this separation here.

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