Fixing revert snapshot failures in vSphere

Did it ever happen to you that you want to revert some VM to another snapshot and get “The object has already been deleted or has not been completely created” error message? It is really painful, especially if you lab heavily relies on excellent snapshot functionality provided by vSphere… It appears that sometimes it can be fixed by deleting the VM from the inventory and adding it back. The process is really simple, but requires administrative credentials.

So, here it goes:

  1. Go to the Summary tab for your VM, find the relevant datastore and choose “Browse Datastore…” option.
  2. Find the folder that belongs to your VM and make sure you see the “.vmx” file (you’ll need it in step 5).
  3. Go back to your VM in the vSphere tree and choose “Remove from Inventory” in the context menu. Be careful – “Delete from Disk” is the next option, and it is not reversible!
  4. Wait while vSphere performs your request.
  5. Go to datastore window, open context menu of the “.vmx” file and choose “Add to Inventory”
  6. Go through the wizard, selecting relevant options for VM import.

That’s all – wait until the VM will be fully imported and try to revert to your favorite snapshot now.

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